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Maati Monjib is a Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Mohammed V-Rabat and a political analyst with extensive expertise in politics, media and social movements in Morocco and the MENA region in general. He taught in Morocco, Senegal and US universities. He is a former Fulbright Scholar-In-Residence and a former fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington-DC. Professor Monjib published several books and dozens of studies and short articles in French, Arabic and English. He is also the head of the local NGO 'Freedom Now: Committee for the Protection of Freedom of the Press and Free Expression', which is actively engaged in supporting media freedoms and civil rights in Morocco. Professor Monjib has also been the initiator and facilitator of bargaining debates between Islamists and secular activists in Morocco between 2007-2010.

Selected Publications

  • The Moroccan Monarchy and the struggle for power: Paris, L’Harmattan, 1992


  • A Political Biography of Mehdi Ben Barka (with. Z. Daoud): Paris, Editions Michalon, 1996-2000


  • Islamists versus Secularists in Morocco (ed.): Amsterdam, IKV, 2009.


Further publications/analysis

Prof Maâti Monjib's page at Carnegie Endowment



Media Contributions

  • (جائزة نوبل للمناضلتين السعوديتين لجين الهذلول وهتون الفاسي! ( 14.03.2019 - القدس العربي  

  • (محاكمة الصحافي بوعشرين: لماذا السرعة القصوى؟ (08.11.2018 - القدس العربي

  • (الصحافي العربي بين القتل الجسدي والاغتيال المعنوي: خاشقجي والآخرون (٢٥ . أكتوبر . ٢٠١٨ - القدس العربي 

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